API SSL Connection Reset Issue


Microsoft Advertising adCenter API clients, generally those using the Java programming language, are receiving intermittent to frequent SSL connection reset error messages. We are working quickly to resolve this issue, and will post additional information here when available. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Jeff Dillon, Microsoft adCenter API Support

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  1. jedill@microsoft.com says:

    Update – It looks like restarting  your Java application will allow it to reset its DNS cache and operate normally again. We updated our DNS records over the weekend. Apologies for the inconvenience

    Jeff Dillon, API Support

  2. anonymous@localhost.com says:

    Hi Jeff Dillon,

    We restarted twice on Monday to cleanup DNS, but the problem still persists.



  3. anonymous@localhost.com says:

    Any updates or ETA on upgrade completion? I'm still seeing connection resets. I'd like to know if I should disable adCenter to let my system finish today's work and reconnect adCenter tomorrow.

  4. anonymous@localhost.com says:

    This problem seems to have resurfaced.  Our API access was working fine until sometime early this morning.  Now we get connection reset exceptions on all of our SSL connections.  This is occurring across every Ad Center our application manages (about 50 or so accounts).

    Hope this can be fixed quickly as there is much downstream effect from this kind of extended outage.



  5. anonymous@localhost.com says:

    This has started appearing again. It was working fine after the restart. Any updates? Is it a known problem?

  6. jedill@microsoft.com says:


    We are undergoing a system upgrade currently (3/24), and will post status here when available

    Jeff Dillon, API Support

  7. anonymous@localhost.com says:

    Hey guys –

    I am getting these connection resets very consistently when trying to update some keywords. Any idea what might be going on now?



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