A New Version of the Reporting Service has Been Released


On October 19th, Version 7 of the Reporting web service was released. In addition to a new namespace name (https://adcenter.microsoft.com/v7), the update includes several breaking changes that will require you to update your code if you use the following programming elements.

  • The data type of the identifier elements in the report scope data objects was changed from int to long to align with the identifiers that are defined in the Campaign Management web service.
  • The BiddedMatchType element, column, and object names were changed to BidMatchType to align with the terminology that is used in the adCenter web UI.
  • The CustomDates element was removed from the time period objects because the CustomDateRangeStart and CustomDateRangeEnd elements  provide the same functionality.

For a list of the objects that are affected by these changes, see Reporting Service Release Notes.

This release does not include new report types.

Thanks and enjoy!

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  1. wyaternick@hotmail.com says:

    I'd really like to implement this but I haven't been able to figure how to register with MSFT to get an ApplicationToken and DeveloperToken.  Do you know who I'd contact for this? I cannot find any reference to this.  Please see my company web site to see what kind of product we have.  We current support interfaces to Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and a few others including corprorate data access (SQL and MDX).  We bring it all together in Excel.  We're currently implementing Adwords and I'd like to include adCenter reporting.

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