Sandbox Conversion Tracking Currently Unsupported

The adCenter sandbox at is a good environment to test your code. Please note that currently we do not support conversion tracking in the sandbox. For example, the following AddCampaignsRequest will return with an error code.

SOAP Request Example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<s:Envelope xmlns:s="">
    <h:ApplicationToken i:nil="true" xmlns:h="" xmlns:i="" />
    <h:CustomerAccountId xmlns:h="">***</h:CustomerAccountId>
    <h:CustomerId xmlns:h="">***</h:CustomerId>
    <h:DeveloperToken xmlns:h="">***</h:DeveloperToken>
    <h:Password xmlns:h="">***</h:Password>
    <h:UserName xmlns:h="">***</h:UserName>
    <AddCampaignsRequest xmlns="">
      <Campaigns xmlns:i="">
          <DailyBudget i:nil="true" />
          <Description>This will be the best ad campaign ever</Description>
          <Name>Best Ad Campaign Ever</Name>
          <NegativeKeywords i:nil="true" xmlns:a="" />
          <NegativeSiteUrls i:nil="true" xmlns:a="" />


The request structure itself is valid, as it would run live in production without any foreseeable error. To test the AddCampaigns service operation in the sandbox, the workaround is to set conversion tracking to false.

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