Versions of adCenter API Documentation on MSDN


Currently, adCenter API supports both Version 6 and Version 7.

To view the adCenter API documentation on MSDN, go to Microsoft adCenter APIs.

Now, since some topics exist in both V6 and V7, it is important to know which topic you are viewing.

The bread crumb trail at the top of the topic shows you the version. For example, here I?ve highlighted Version 7 at the top of a screenshot taken from the Microsoft adCenter API topic:




You can also see the version number within MSDN?s table of contents pane. Here?s a screenshot of the MSDN table of contents that shows adCenter API content for both V6 and V7:




So using either the bread crumb trail or the table of contents pane, you can quickly determine the version of a topic you?re viewing.

You can also specify, within the URL, which version of a topic you want to view. For example, let?s say you want to bookmark the URL for the V6 version of the GetAssignedQuota topic. Here is that URL (note the version info contained within parentheses):

And here is the URL for the V7 version of that topic (the only difference in the URL is the version number contained within the parentheses):

Note: If you click the URL containing ?(MSADS.70)?, you?ll see that MSDN redirects it to the default version of the URL, which contains no version number, That is because when multiple versions of a topic are on MSDN, we have the default URL (that is, the URL that doesn?t contain a version number) take you to the latest version. Today, for example, takes you to the V7 version of the topic; in the future that same URL could take you to the V8 version of the topic. Again, that is because we want the default URL to take you to the latest version. As mentioned you can always use the version number in the URL, or navigate through the table of contents, to reach earlier versions.

While I have your attention, remember to use Version 7 if you want the latest features of adCenter API.

Thank you.

Walter Poupore

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