adCenter API Sandbox Version 7 Released

News from the team:

You can now access the new Microsoft adCenter API Version 7 in our Sandbox environment.

Last month we released Microsoft adCenter API Version 7 to the API Production environment. Now the newest features from the adCenter Summer 2010 Upgrade and several key API improvements are available to you in both Production and Sandbox environments. At this time, there are known issues with the reporting APIs in Sandbox Version 7. The adCenter team is investigating this issue and working to resolve it.

Note: we will continue to support Version 6 through spring 2011.

To learn more, check out the Microsoft adCenter API Version 7 Release Notes.

Questions? Please visit the API Forum.

Comments (1)

  1. says:

    Hi  Team,

    I was able to submit the report request successfully and got the tracking id and reportrequest id from sandbox environment version 7.0.  The report downlad url is given as shown below. with a long guid.  When i requst the url to download the file, it gives the response as "The remote server returned an error 401 unatuhorized".…/AdCenterAPIDownload.aspx

    I am using sandbox credentails to test my application, and there are no campaigns in my account, and i am using the example from this link […/bb671680(v=MSADS.70).aspx]

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