CustomerID Now Available in AdCenter Web UI

It is now possible to view your CustomerID in the Microsoft adCenter web user interface. The CustomerID is an identifier that is used in some API calls. To view your CustomerID in the web UI, click on the Accounts & Billing tab after logging in. Then click on the Company Information sub-tab. You will then see a value for the Customer ID value.

Jeff Dillon, API Support

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  1. Cnorred says:

    Hi Jeff:

    I'like to a question to you.

    I  use customerId in the set AccountReportScope in get reporting process,  the program has an  'ReportingServiceInvalidAccountIds' exception  ,  I go to website check the status is 'draft', I don't know whether the status is related to the exception. But I can create a report in the website.  

    This is why it ? Please help me!


    Susan, Customer

  2. Cnorred says:

    You need to use AccountID in the Account scope, not the CustomerID. Think of the Customer as the parent and owning one or more Accounts.

  3. i need cid number of my account

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