France has 2 Belvezets, so does the adCenter API

A customer recently asked our API support team: “We’ve  found two ambiguous targets in the MSDN library

Belvezet          Belvezet, Alès K FR

Belvézet          Belvézet, Alès K FR

One with an accent and the other without.

“Are they duplicates?”

Not a technical question, of course, but an opportunity to turn to Bing and see what it tells us. According to Bing, there are two communes named Belvezet in France.

Belvezet – no accent – is in the Lozère department, traversed by the river Chassezac. Population 81.

Belvézet – with accent – is in the Gard department in southern France. Population 210.

That’s a targeted campaign.


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