Recording of our August adCenter API Webcast presentation on Version 6 upgrade

Program Manager Shamit Patel does a great job talking through the feature changes in the new version of the API during the August webcast. You can view his presentation and listen in on the recording below.

Shamit discusses some of the API pilots underway, the timelines for completing your migration to the new version. He discusses breaking changes and some updates since the last webcast. Finally, he talked a little about some future plans for the API.  You can scan through and listen, or if you have any questions, let us know via the blogs or forums.

Thanks for using the community.

- Chris Norred



Comments (2)

  1. Cnorred says:

    How can I get an invitation to use the adCenter API? I am a programmer who needs access to it.

  2. Cnorred says:

    Hi Matt, the current process for access to the API is to work with your adCenter account representative. Please contact the account rep that you have used for adCenter to date. We will be providing more information about access to the API as the process changes. Thanks for using the community.

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