API Planned System Maintenance Today 5/15/2009

Today the Microsoft adCenter API Production environment is undergoing planned system maintenance during the release of API Version 6. Although you will experience no downtime, and your ads will continue to serve, you may notice some delays in reporting data. Some users have noted reporting errors. We hope to address this very soon.

Watch for an e-mail message next week about how you can try out the new adCenter Spring Upgrade features and API Version 6.

We want to thank you for your patience during this scheduled maintenance.

Jeff Dillon, API Support

Comments (5)
  1. Cnorred says:

    Just noticed the xml format from the report download is now UTF-16 Encoded. This has broken my parser.

  2. Cnorred says:

    Any update on this – we're still experiencing problems.

  3. Cnorred says:

    It looks like some of the report data has also changed. Specifically, the main culprit I've found so far is that the PricingModel value of CPC has changed to "Cost per click".

  4. Cnorred says:

    Seems like adcenter sandboxes are giving internal server errors

  5. Cnorred says:

    Chris, Prakash are you still experiencing these sandbox issues?

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