Anyone Using PHP with NUSOAP for adCenter API? Have an example for the KeywordPerformanceReport?

In the adCenter API forums, in the thread "adCenter Reporting Service", a developer this week asked for assistance using PHP with NUSOAP. He is trying to specifically get the KeywordPerformanceReport in PHP.

Though we haven't received this question before, we know that NUSOAP is fairly common. The value of developer community is realized when users are able to share examples from similar cases. Granted, it's possible that nobody else has done this.

So how about it? Has anyone coded to the API using PHP with NUSOAP? Do you have an example for how to get the KeywordPerformanceReport? Willing to share advice or examples?



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  1. says:

    I have a question regarding a identifying the client by server. When I write a simple helloworld server and client codes all wsdl and other functions are working. But I want to identify the requesting client in server code and respond (To set in return value in hellowold function) that client address back to client. Please help me to solve this.

    My nusoap.php in lib folder and all code in 'http://localhost/services/'

    Cleint code:


    $client = new nusoap_client('http://localhost/services/server.php?wsdl', 'true');

    echo $result = $client->call('helloworld');

    Server code: (server.php)


    $server = new soap_server();



    array('name' = 'xsd:string'),

    array('return' = 'xsd:string'),





    'Says hello to the caller'


    function helloworld()


    return "Hi, ";

    // I want to return requester(Client) address (Ip or url) here………………

    // Return (This is your address………….)


    // Use the request to (try to) invoke the service



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