Welcome to the new adCenter API blog

Thanks for visiting the new adCenter API community. We are using this new site to bring together all the adCenter related online community activity in one place. It will make it easier for you to find the information you need, and make it easier for our adCenter teams to deliver information. If you've been reading our old blog, please update your links and RSS subscription.

Contributors from the product development team, documentation team, support, and business teams will be providing content on the blog to make sure you have the information you want.


A little more background from the team's launch e-mail today:


 In order to contribute to our credo of delivering world class service, we have been working diligently to deliver an online experience that enables our advertisers through a variety of interactive communication channels. 

Some of these features include:  


- Product/Service specific blogs; -Categorized User Forums; - Multimedia Distribution including video interviews, audio podcasts and training videos; -User profiles 


So whether you?re an adCenter Advertiser, using adCenter Analytics or developing through the adCenter API, www.adCenterCommunity.com will be the one place to visit for all adCenter updates, news, tips, tricks and best practices. 

We?ve tried to build a community portal that encourages interaction so that not only can you get information, updates and assistance from Microsoft employees, but also from each other as some of the most knowledgeable users of our products and services are our customers!  Be sure to check out our adCenter Forums as they grow into a robust resource on everything adCenter and more.

 We?re excited about delivering a truly unique experience for our advertisers, and hope you find value in the resource as well.  As always, feel free to share your feedback and suggestions as we are always looking to improve.  

Thanks very much for your time on this, and please let us know if you need any more information on the site, or the team, in order to help us spread the word further afield.





Chris, Mel, Jeanie, Carolyn, Jason ? adCenter Community Team

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi there,

    I'm just new here, and I hope we will have alot of fun here.

    Talk to you guys later


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