Update on SSL Certificate Issue for Java Users


March 06

Beginning on February 14, Java users may have received an ?SSLHandshakeException? when trying to connect to the API URL on HTTPS (SSL). As a short term solution, we recommended that all Java users update their local certificate repository by importing the adCenter API SSL certificate. We posted the step-by-step instructions on how to make this update on the adCenter Developer Forum. At this time, we are no longer recommending that Java users implement the short-term solution.
We are now actively researching a long-term solution for this same issue that will not require an additional coding update on your part. While investigating this issue and a long-term solution, we identified an issue that prevents Java users from building a full certificate chain back up to root CA.
We believe that we can find a solution to this issues, but will need additional time to test and verify our findings. The long-term solution will resolve any issues you are experiencing when it is released. Java users who have already implemented the short-term solution into their code, may be asked to remove the certificate when the long-term solution is released to prevent any future code from breaking. We will proactively notify you as soon as we have resolved this certificate issue. Please do not remove the recommended workaround coding update until you receive a notification from Microsoft adCenter.
We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced and thank you for your business.

The Microsoft adCenter Team

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