Entity Differences between adCenter API Version 5 and Version 4


Archived: January 10, 2008


adCenter API Version 5 and Version 4 contain significant differences between the campaign management entities.

For example, adCenter API Version 5 contains the AdGroup and Keyword classes, while the corresponding classes in adCenter API Version 4 are AdCenterOrder and AdCenterOrderItem.

Learn more about the campaign management entities and differences between Version 5 and Version 4 at Microsoft adCenter Entities.

The differences between Version 5 and Version 4 are not merely class name changes; plan your migration as a major application rewrite.

Also, consult the Microsoft adCenter API Version 5 Release Notes as you prepare to migrate your applications to Version 5.

Thank you.

Walter Poupore
Lead Programming Writer

Microsoft adCenter API

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Walter,

    Could you please tell me when is the sunset date is for version 4?



  2. Cnorred says:

    Hi Nav,

    The sunset date for v4 is August 14th. Thank you for using the community blog and forums. Please let us know if you have other questions or need information.


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