API Report Aggregation


Archived: September 18, 2007

Q: When I run a performance report I see multiple entries for the same keyword and match type. Why is this happening?

A: In order to be able to return reports for big amounts of data in the shortest possible time, it’s possible that the data returned in a report might not be fully aggregated, and customers will see multiple rows with data for the same keyword and match. They can aggregate that data on their end if they wish. For example, they can sum up all the impression numbers for all rows for a specific keyword to get the aggregated impressions number, or average the avg position, etc. Please note that the average might be a little less straightforward to get. For example:

Row 1: 3 impressions; avg position is 3
Row 2: 1 impression, avg position is 1

The aggregated amount for the impressions is 4 (the sum), but the aggregated average is (3*3+1*1)/4=2.5, not the average of 3 and 1. Formula is (numImpr*avgPos + numImpr*avgPos + …)/sumImpr

The aggregated amounts then should match the ones in a UI report.

- Microsoft adCenter API Support Team

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