Announcing release dates for API v11

Following up on our previous announcement about Bing Ads API Version 11, we’re excited to let you know the release dates for this update. API v11 will be available in Sandbox in the first week of April and in production in the first week of May.   To recap the scope of this release, all…


API v11 is Coming Soon!

We recently announced in our January API Quarterly Call about the upcoming availability of API v11. We’re looking forward to making v11 available in both sandbox and production by early Q2 CY2017. Some of the changes we are bundling in this release are:   New features/Enhancements Price Extensions (Bulk, Campaign) Support for in-market and custom…


Announcing migration of monthly to daily budgets

As a follow up to our announcement last year, we are now confirming that by April 30th, all Bing Ads entry points (Bing Ads API, Web application, Editor, and Mobile apps) will stop supporting monthly budgets for all markets. There will be a forced migration where all campaign level unshared monthly budgets will be converted…


Optimize delivery time with Ad Extension Scheduling

Using ad extension scheduling you can now optimize what time of the day your ad extensions are delivered and ensure that you get more value from your ads. More details on the feature are available in our recent announcement. This feature is available in both the Campaign and Bulk APIs. The changes in each service…


Registrations open for the January Quarterly API Call

When: January 26, 2017, 8:00 A.M. – 9:00 A.M. (PST) Registration link: Click here.   Please join our PM team to learn more about several exciting new API features which are coming soon! We will explore many features currently available as well as a few that will be piloting and released in the near future….


Create, update and delete remarketing lists with the API!

Following our release earlier this year for managing remarketing list associations at the ad group level using the API, we’re now offering the ability to create and modify remarketing lists. With this update, you can use the Bing Ads API to create new remarketing lists and update or delete existing lists. Campaign Management API The…


Stay on top of the latest features releasing in the Bing Ads API

With how quickly search is changing, we understand it can be a challenge to keep up to date on all the latest improvements to the Bing Ads API. We’re here to help you stay informed about new API features and enhancements by capturing them in an easy-to-read summary that’s delivered directly to your inbox. Bing…


Breaking Changes to Postal Codes for Location Targeting

Starting next Monday December 19th, we will require updated target codes for the US postal codes listed below. If you have targets defined in one or more of these locations, please make sure to update them in your application so that your ads may serve correctly in these locations. If you attempt to add or…


Accessing Geographical Location Codes for Targeting

Bing Ads uses geographical location codes to help you narrow down the market areas where you wish to have your ads displayed. Starting today, we are making changes to the way this data will be accessed going forward.   Manual access The codes may be downloaded manually from the Developer Center site, by going to…


Expanded Device Targeting now available to all customers

You now have the ability to manage your bid adjustments by device type using the Campaign Management and Bulk v10 APIs. New targeting objects have been added to the APIs to allow you to adjust the bid modifiers for each of the device types – PC, tablet and mobile. For more details on the range…