How to use URL Access in Reporting Services SharePoint integration mode

URL Access still works if you’ve put your SSRS instance into MOSS integration mode, it just takes a bit of extra work. Here’s an example using the following assumptions: ·         SSRS itself is installed on a machine called ssrsBox ·         MOSS is installed on mossBox ·         The report “aReport” is stored in a report library…


Using the “old” Reporting Services web parts in MOSS 2007

(Thanks to Carolyn Chau) If necessary, you can use the old SSRS web parts we provide in Reporting Services 2005 with SPS/MOSS  2007. However, they won’t work automatically – you’ll have to get them registered in the GAC with stsadmin.exe. Example: Stsadm.exe –o addwppack –filename”c:\program files\microsoft sql server\90\tools\reporting services\” -globalinstall


rsWindowsIntegratedSecurityDisabled error when running Reporting Services report in SharePoint integrated mode

I published a report to SPS, using a custom data source which simply pointed to the database in question and used Integrated Security. When I ran the report, the following error was thrown:   An error has occurred during report processing (rsProcessingAborted) This data source is configured to use Windows integrated security. Windows integrated security…


Reporting Services Login dialog appears when deploying to MOSS/WSS

Brian Welcker does it again! In this post he describes a situation that’s been causing me a great deal of angst. Essentially, after getting MOSS/SSRS integration working, you get prompted to login when publishing from BIDS – and entering credentials doesn’t get you past the dialog, either. I’m not big on “link wrangling”, but over the past few days…


Can’t see “Reporting Services” on the SPS Application Management page after installing SPS/SSRS add-in

After installing the SPS/MOSS & SSRS integration add-in, I surfed to the Application Management page of SPS…and no “Reporting Services” list was apparent. So, I used some information at Brian Welcker’s blog and took a look through all of the rs_sp_?.log files in the %temp% folder. I found that the file generated during the installation had…


Reporting Services and MOSS/WSS integration in a farm deployment

Now that SQL 2005 SP2 CTP3 supports installing SSRS on a different box than the MOSS/WSS machine, people have been bumping into problems getting everything working properly. After installing / configuring, common error messages you may see are:  “Failed to find the XML file at location ’12\Template\Features\DataConnectionLibrary\Feature.xml'()”  and/or… “Could not load file or assembly ‘Microsoft.Office.Server’…


Publishing Reporting Services reports to MOSS

(Many, many thanks to Heidi Steen of the super-duper UE team at Microsoft for providing the material below. Hell, she even created screen shots!) Now that lots of folks are happily playing around with SSRS/MOSS integration, it’s important to understand exactly how you publish the things to MOSS via Business Intelligence Studio. You still use…


Reporting Services and MOSS SSO?

Now that SSRS can integrate with MOSS, I’ve started to see questions around whether one can use SharePoint single sign on with Reporting Services.  Short answer: No. If you’d like the feature added to a future version of the SSRS add-in for MOSS, leave a comment and tell us why – I’ll happily pass your feedback…


Provisioning Shared Services is MOSS / SPS taking forever (my dumb mistake)

I just learned a hard, cruel lesson today.  I’ve been trying to configure Shared Services on a MOSS machine, and I found that once I started the process, it would run for 60+ minutes without completing. Checking in the Shared Services window of Central Administration, I would see a “Provisioning in progress” message, but it,…


SQL Server 2005 SP2 CTP3 (December) is live!

CTP3 is now downloadable at: As far as reporting-heads are concerned, CTP3 is good for us because it removes the CTP2 requirement that you install SSRS & MOSS on the same machine to do integration. I’m not sure if there is a “CTP3 SSRS/MOSS Add-in”, too (I assume there is)…As soon as I find…