Provisioning Shared Services is MOSS / SPS taking forever (my dumb mistake)

I just learned a hard, cruel lesson today.  I’ve been trying to configure Shared Services on a MOSS machine, and I found that once I started the process, it would run for 60+ minutes without completing. Checking in the Shared Services window of Central Administration, I would see a “Provisioning in progress” message, but it,…


SQL Server 2005 SP2 CTP3 (December) is live!

CTP3 is now downloadable at: As far as reporting-heads are concerned, CTP3 is good for us because it removes the CTP2 requirement that you install SSRS & MOSS on the same machine to do integration. I’m not sure if there is a “CTP3 SSRS/MOSS Add-in”, too (I assume there is)…As soon as I find…


Data Refresh in Excel Services fails with "SSO has failed with the following error code -2140995579, exception: Error in the application"

I’ve been playing quite a bit with Excel Services the last few weeks, and ran into a problem around refreshing data in a worksheet stored in Excel Services when I used Single Sign On (SSO) in the ODC. I also noticed that each time my report failed to refresh data, the error in the subject of…


Custom Report Items not supported in SQL Express & Workgroup Editions

Saw an interesting conversation today around custom report items in SSRS. The information isn’t a huge surprise, but at the same time is not documented in books online, either: Custom report items will only work inside Standard | Developer | Enterprise editions of SQL Server 2005.


A very cool (new) Report Designer from 90 Degree Software

I just finished watching an online demo of a great new Reporting Services report designer called “Radius”. It’s a new report designer created by the folks at 90 Degree Software, and I think it’s going to be a home run. It has a number of things going for it when compared to BIDS and/or Report Builder…


Exporting as PDF from Report Viewer control returns dramatically different file sizes

Here is an interesting tidbit I picked up today that concerns the Report Viewer controls. Mohammad Farooq, one of our fine support folks, noticed that the same report exported as PDF from our Report Viewer control was a different size depending on the rendering mode being used by the control. When rendering a report from…


Confessions of a reformed SPS hater – MOSS and Microsoft Business Intelligence

OK, I admit it — For years, I really didn’t like SharePoint. I thought it was silly — SharePoint sites were things that people started on a whim (like those “blog whatchamacallits”) and then quickly abandoned. Collaboration? Yeah, whatever — just attach the workbook/document to email and shut up already…I was a SharePoint curmudgeon. Well,…


Saving SQL Server Reporting Services Reports inside MOSS

I spent this week  “beta testing” a BI class that will soon be made available Microsoft partners and those who want to develop on our platform. I was quite impressed by the material and instructors — If you hear about and/or have the opportunity to attend “BI Voyage”, make sure you go. It contained great…


Where are the @#!$!?*& Floating Headers in SQL Reporting Services?

I ran into this problem a few months ago and never figured out “why”. However, a few days ago I saw a discussion that clued me in. Anyway, the HTML Toolbar (the thinger that allows you to do paging, searching, exporting, etc. in your reports) is responsible for making floating headers work in SQL Reporting Services…


Reading the web.config file in SQL Reporting Services

The .NET Framework v2.0 gives us the ability to (easily) read the web.config file of our applications for information like <appSettings> using the System.Configuration and System.Web.Configuration namespaces: This probably isn’t news to most of you. Will this work with Reporting Services? Yes, with a caveat around security. Remember that you’ll be writing custom code to do this…