Where did the Reporting Services 2008 Add-in for SharePoint go?


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  1. Uzzi says:

    Hi Russell,

    I have a report with 5 parameters: one multivalue parameter and the rest are free text fields.

    Reporting Services has been configured in SharePoint Integrated mode.

    I use SSRS Report Viewer (built-in in MOSS 2007 if use SharePoint Integrated mode) and connect to Choice filter and text filter webparts to allow user to enter parameters.

    The report is generated if I enter all parameters.

    My questions:

    1. If I only want to enter 3 out of 5 parameters, how can I do that?
    2. To view the report, I must tab out from the last filter web part, otherwise the report won’t get generated. Is there a way to generate/view the report manually like clicking a button?

    I know my question is in between SSRS and MOSS. I hope you could give me some suggestions.

    If NOT, please just ignore my question.

    Thanks and Regards,


  2. Alexander Yaremchuk says:

    Hello Russell!

    This comment is not related to the topic.

    I just ask you here to look into


    I’ve added question there about local preview for report builder 2.0.

    I crosspost it here because not sure you are notified about comments and I hope latest post is best place you may see my question.

    Thanks, Alex

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