Fun displaying SSRS (integrated) reports using PerformancePoint SQL Server Report viewer

Disclaimer: the post below was written after 24+ hours traveling to India - I was pretty much (very much) out of my mind at the time...

I just spent more than a few minutes messing around with the “SQL Server Report” report viewer in PerformancePoint, and choosing correct values for the Report Server URL and Report URL properties when in SharePoint Integrated mode isn’t, uh…exactly intuitive.

First, a gripe - the Server mode option: You have two choices, “SharePoint Integrated” and “Report Center” modes. Report  Center mode? What in the world is that!? As far as I know, there is no way to get a SSRS report to show up in Report Center unless it is already saved in MOSS. So, “Report Center” mode means “SharePoint Integrated” mode to me. It would have been nice we used the same names for these choices (native and integrated)  as we do in the SSRS docs! Bleech!

Specifying the Report Server URL is straight forward.  Just drop in the location of your Report Server web service, like: http://someMachine/reportserver.

Plugging in the Report URL value is a bit more troublesome. I tried the standard strings like “/ReportLibraryName/ReportName”, etc. Each attempt failed with:

Unable to find report specified by URL. Please verify that both the Server URL and report URL are correct

I finally got sick of plugging in values, and just surfed to http://myMachine/reportserver and browsed to the report in question:

1. Hit the http://someMachine/reportserver vdir of your SSRS installation.

2. Drill down into the folder (in my case http://bi-vpc) that was created when you configured SSRS/MOSS integration and started saving reports. See the screen shot below.

3. Open the folder which represents your Report Center (in my case, “Reports”).

4. Click the link which represents your report library (“ReportsLibrary” for me).

5. Note the name of your report, and don’t forget the .RDL extension at the end!

Put parts 2-5 together, and you have the string you need to plug into Report URL (http://bi-vpc/reports/reportslibrary/CompanySales.rdl - see the screen shot below).


Sheesh – could we have made this any more difficult?


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  1. Somebody sent me an e-mail asking about differences between Business Manager Scorecard reports and PPS

  2. Somebody sent me an e-mail asking about differences between Business Manager Scorecard reports and PPS

  3. Artich says:

    Have you tried this with a report that accepts input parameters? I have a report with two parameters deployed to the ReportsLibray of the bi-vpc. When I went into PPS Dashboard Designer to configure the report, I received the same error you got "Unable to find report specified by URL. Please verify that both the Server URL and report URL are correct" but after a while the preview pane at te bottom was able to show the report viewer but the Dashboard designer would not populate the "Report Parameters" section with parameters I had in the Report. In contrast, when I deployed the same report to the Native Report instance, selected Report Center mode in the Dashboard Designer, the "Report Parameters" section will be populated with parameters I had in the report.

  4. Michael Shugarman says:

    I have the same issue as above.  An SSRS report with input parameters works fin ein Report Center mode, but SharePoint Integrated give me the "Unable to find…." error and then I can see the report in the preview pane, but no parameters are availabel and the Edit button is grayed out.  

    Anyone else seen or, better yet, resolved this issue?

  5. Artich says:

    OK. This doesn’t make sense but it appears once I added a selectable list or "Available Values" for each parameter, PPS was able to display parameters properly. Also, the "Unable to find the .. specified url" error no longer appeared. I still don’t get this but at least I can get it going for now.

  6. Jitender says:

    I have list of parameters and report shows all the parameters in two columns only. Can i increase it to 3 or more column.

  7. Bradley says:

    I’m not following you.  I want to set the report output of a management reporter report to RDL. And I want it to publish to a SharePoint folder.  SSRS is in integrated mode with SharePoint.  I dont see anything in regards to,  "Report Center" mode.  Please help.

    Thank you,


  8. Ahmad Elayyan says:

    Hi All,

    i create a report and deploy it successfully, this report take a parameter. when i select reports from brows and select a report, error msg box appear to me [Unable to connect to server]

    any one have a same problem.

  9. howetj says:

    I am having exactly the same problem and this only started happening after I installed SP2 the other day. Worse, is that I have two reports which are virtually identical (datasources, properties, security, etc) and one gives me the "Unable to connect to server" error and no paramater population and the other one works fine. And they said that IS was supposed to be logical. If any one can assist, I would be eternally grateful, I have already wasted a lot of time trying to figure this out and my PM is all over me.

  10. Larry says:

    Hay howeti same problem here, were you able to resolve it?


  11. Stacy says:

    Thank you so much!  This was taking me forever!

  12. Jaap says:

    When I’m accessing the report from sharepoint, i get a message about mixed content…

    I want to use reportserver in performance point over SSL. Is it possible so I get no message anymore?

  13. BIBoingo says:

    If you can't get the ReportServer URL to work.  Open Management Services, connect to the SP integrated RS instance. Right click the Server and look at the URL it gives you.  Plug that into PPS Dashboard Designer.,

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