Minor idiosyncrasy exporting a PerformancePoint Scorecard to SQL Reporting Services

Today I started playing around with the ability to export/deploy PPS scorecards to SSRS: It’s actually a pretty cool piece of work! I did run into one problem up which I’m documenting here to save someone else some time.

I wanted to deploy my report to the root of my SSRS server’s home folder, as I normally use this area to dump temporary objects. So, I typed in the obligatory “/” symbol to represent “root”.


When I tried to deploy, DD wouldn’t cooperate, telling me:

Could not connect to Reporting Services. Contact an administrator

Turns out you can’t deploy right to root unless you first save the report from DD as an RDL file and then manually import it using Report Manager. When I specified a real folder name (“Adventure Works Sample Reports”, for example) in the Deployment Folder text box, everything was peachy. The status message we get back doesn't really help too much, either - a bit too generic.

ScreenHunter_03 Nov. 28 13.30.gif

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