Formatting currency on a row-by-row basis in Reporting Services

Say you have a table which contains different currency values - each row in your table contains values for stored with a different currency types (see figure 1). You want to display these values in your report and ensure that each value is displayed with the correct currency symbol (figure 2). How do you to this?



Assuming you are also storing additional information which allows you to identity each currency (as in the CurrencyType column in figure 1), you’ll have a fairly easy time of it. Just use the Language property of the textbox which will be displaying the currency value ("Converted Money" in figure 2) and set its value equal to an expression:


= Trim(FIelds!CurrencyType.Value) 

This formula is using the ISO country / language codes stored in our database table and plugging them right into the property. Note that you must use the ISO codes (thanks, Ayax!) for this to work. If you aren’t storing the ISO codes, you’ll need to add a Switch() statement or some embedded code behind your report to return the ISO codes based on whatever identifier is stored in your database.


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