SAP Acquires OutlookSoft

What's up with that?! This week is supposed to be all about Microsoft and our BI conference. This is our prom and SAP is crashing!

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  1. JohnMullinax says:

    Just did a quick scan of OutlookSoft’s website.  Looks like AJAX, .Net 1.1, SQL Analysis Services, Reporting Services, Integration Services, IE or Excel or "custom portal" for presentation layer.  They also have an Oracle 10g implementation, and can have built an Apache/JBOSS version.  

    Microsoft has grown it’s stack to the point where MOSS and PerformancePoint appear to now be competitors, which may have driven OutlookSoft to SAP???   Probably SAP will optimize it for XI integration and commodotize the Microsoft components as much as possible, but could also drive more MOSS and Office 2007.  As the OutlookSoft users experience the value of a rich, insightful, collaborative way of working, Microsoft has the opportunity to point out that all information workers could be getting that with MOSS, Office 2007, and .Net 3.0 (aka OBA)… without having to buy an expensive app from SAP.  

  2. SBC says:

    the original OTLKSFT product (during the ’90s) was a super-duper repository of XLS with BI macros.. they have certainly come a long way..

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