How to use URL Access in Reporting Services SharePoint integration mode

URL Access still works if you’ve put your SSRS instance into MOSS integration mode, it just takes a bit of extra work. Here’s an example using the following assumptions:

·         SSRS itself is installed on a machine called ssrsBox

·         MOSS is installed on mossBox

·         The report “aReport” is stored in a report library named “theReportLibrary”


…if SSRS was installed on the same machine as MOSS (maybe on port 8080?) your URL will look like this:


Comments (10)

  1. Minimia says:

    Is it possible to pass parameters to the reports via the URL?

    I’s really like that.

  2. - BP says:

    Is there any syntax in the URI that would allow the SSRS report passed paramaters without referencing the SSRS box via a domain name?

    I have the SSRS and MOSS on different physical machines with only the MOSS box exposed to the users.

  3. Cam says:

    Is there a way to pass parameters to a Sharepoint page that has the SSRS web part linked to a specific report?

  4. Gayatri says:

    This works – I was ignoring the "rs:" and "rc:" items in the querystring. Since the parameters were hidden in my jump report it was necessary to specify rc:Paramters = false else it would give a Parameter missing error on opening the jump report


  5. MikeG says:

    Great stuff!  How did you know what I was looking for?

    I wish this stuff was covered this simply in the docs.

    Here’s a problem I had: I could not pass a parameter in a URL if it was defined as a Query.  As soon as I made it a Value it works.  I did not find that in any docs.  Does anyone know why this is?

  6. Corey says:

    This is what I have for passing a parameter to another report, but This gives me an error of Error during processing of ‘DimKeyMeasureMeasureName’ report parameter. (rsReportParameterProcessingError) ??

    Does anyone have an idea of what I am doing wrong.


  7. Paul D says:

    Any ideas on how to hide the breadcrumbs and the toolbar of the report in Sharepoint Integrated Mode? My URL is:


    and I would like to at least hide the top breadcrumbs that show: Home > Reports > Reports Library > etc, etc.


  8. Azmi Attia says:

    I have tried this over and over it would not put it does not work ssrs sql srv 2005

    I setup a parameter prmUID , as a text

    Available values non qry –nothing —

    Defualt value null


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