SQL 2005 SP2 most likely available this Monday, 2/19

Get ready to download, because SP 2 was declared "ready to ship" last night. The SQL team is hoping to have it ready for public download Monday-morning-ish (PST).

Comments (6)

  1. Mark Haliday says:

    Finally!  Thank you!  Now it will work on Vista without a lot of kludges.

  2. Chris Wood says:

    Do you mean Feb 19th or feb 26th? The title seems to imply the 26th.

  3. Thanks for Russell Christopher’s blog , we now know that the final release of SQL Server 2005 Service

  4. Somebody Unfamous says:

    It’s up and available (both Full and Express editions).  Just head over to Download.microsoft.com and search for "SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2"… the CTP’s and final (dated 2/16 and 2/18) are there!

  5. SharePoint user says:

    Hopefully they will have the ability to run a report from a SharePoint 2007 list in the near future.  Maybe a new data provider?

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