Can’t see “Reporting Services” on the SPS Application Management page after installing SPS/SSRS add-in

After installing the SPS/MOSS & SSRS integration add-in, I surfed to the Application Management page of SPS…and no “Reporting Services” list was apparent.

So, I used some information at Brian Welcker’s blog and took a look through all of the rs_sp_?.log files in the %temp% folder. I found that the file generated during the installation had the following entry:

“SSRSCustomActionError: SharePoint is installed, but not configured”.

Next, I checked Web.Config for SPS/MOSS, looking for references to the ReportingServices.SharePoint.UI.* assemblies we add during the configuration stage of the add-in setup. They weren’t there.

A reinstall of the add-in solved the problem, adding the necessary entries into the Web.Config file. All was well after that.

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