Compress PDFs exported from the ReportViewer control

It's pretty common knowledge that when exporting a PDF from the ReportViewer control in local mode, you get a much larger document back then if the same report was exported via the ReportServer web service. I wrote a little entry about same here.

Well, Christopher (thank you, whomever you are) has found a nice workaround which involves compressing the PDF byte stream with a FREE 3rd party library. It's a nifty way of getting your PDF shrunk back down to a management size.

Here's where to download it:

...and here is where Christopher's discovery was posted.

 Thanks, Christopher! (great name, BTW)

Comments (3)

  1. bwelcker says:

    BTW, we are planning on adding PDF compression in the next Visual Studio release.

  2. MBoy says:

    Next release as in patch? When is this expected? Given that the code is already correct in the server components wouldn’t it have been easy enough to include this in VS 2005 SP1.

  3. Rob White says:


    I’ve found the component that you are talking about, they’ve moved the page to

    The problem I’m having is that there is now no instructions on how to use the component. Any ideas?

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