Reporting Services and MOSS SSO?

Now that SSRS can integrate with MOSS, I’ve started to see questions around whether one can use SharePoint single sign on with Reporting Services. 

Short answer: No.

If you’d like the feature added to a future version of the SSRS add-in for MOSS, leave a comment and tell us why – I’ll happily pass your feedback along to the product team.

Comments (5)

  1. says:

    Can you provide any more details on this? I haven’t tried it, but it seems like if both MOSS and SSRS are using windows integrated security there wouldn’t be a problem. But maybe I don’t understand MOSS SSO.

    Do you mean that it won’t work when either MOSS or SSRS are using forms auth?

  2. russch says:

    I suspect that doing the SSO auth piece on a report stored in MOSS would be trivial, but then we might need to pass credentials to the data source, too. I bet this is where the "work" would need to happen.

  3. CraigHumphrey says:

    Umm.. makes a bit of a mockery of SSO doesn’t it?

    One of the key features of MOSS2007 for us, is it’s SSO engine, but so far, we’re not seeing a lot of SSO…

    We’re keen to get into SSRS as part of our dashboards and reporting, but if there’s no SSO, then we’ll just have to find another way.

    BTW is this just for forms based auth or does it apply to all combinations of MOSS/SSRS auth?

    Thanks for the heads up.


  4. Sri says:

    We are looking for SSO on MOSS with Reporting Services. Our requirement is that Reporting Services will be talking to SAP BW Cubes using OLEDB Provider provided by SAP. Each user has there own login to the SAP which is not NT Authenticaton. So we are looking for SSO with SSRS.

  5. Robert Angers says:

    We are looking for SSO on MOSS with Reporting Services.  It would be great added value to have SSO integrated RS.