Provisioning Shared Services is MOSS / SPS taking forever (my dumb mistake)

I just learned a hard, cruel lesson today.  I’ve been trying to configure Shared Services on a MOSS machine, and I found that once I started the process, it would run for 60+ minutes without completing.

Checking in the Shared Services window of Central Administration, I would see a “Provisioning in progress” message, but it, never, ever completed.  CPU and disk util were flat and it was pretty apparent nothing was going on. I bounced the box several times to try altering the accounts I was using during the configuration process, and had no success.

Well, one of my buddies led me astray in an effort to help out. He told me to stop the Windows SharePoint Services Timer because it tends to kick off expensive jobs (indexing), etc. So, being the resource miser I am, I turned it off.

Turns out, this service KICKS OFF most of the provisioning work! (I’m such a moron). After  ripping up my Captain Riker pajamas up in frustration, I realized that this was one of the few “optimizations” I had on this box that I hadn’t put on others…When I turned the service back on, CPU jumped, disks starting jamming, and about 3 minutes later I was done.

So, if you don’t want to mess up your favorite Star Trek ‘jammies, don’t turn this service off until AFTER you have fully configured your machine!

Comments (3)

  1. Mindaugas says:

    Your post opened my eyes. thank’s 🙂

    in my case i needed to restart that server, don’t now why…

  2. Noordin says:

    Hi, I am also geeting this error, can you tell me exactly how I can solve this problem.

    Many Thanks


  3. Hi, I also have this error.

    I restart the Timer service (not stop it 🙂 ) but that dosen’t solve the problem.

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