Provisioning Shared Services is MOSS / SPS taking forever (my dumb mistake)

I just learned a hard, cruel lesson today.  I’ve been trying to configure Shared Services on a MOSS machine, and I found that once I started the process, it would run for 60+ minutes without completing. Checking in the Shared Services window of Central Administration, I would see a “Provisioning in progress” message, but it,…


SQL Server 2005 SP2 CTP3 (December) is live!

CTP3 is now downloadable at: As far as reporting-heads are concerned, CTP3 is good for us because it removes the CTP2 requirement that you install SSRS & MOSS on the same machine to do integration. I’m not sure if there is a “CTP3 SSRS/MOSS Add-in”, too (I assume there is)…As soon as I find…


Data Refresh in Excel Services fails with "SSO has failed with the following error code -2140995579, exception: Error in the application"

I’ve been playing quite a bit with Excel Services the last few weeks, and ran into a problem around refreshing data in a worksheet stored in Excel Services when I used Single Sign On (SSO) in the ODC. I also noticed that each time my report failed to refresh data, the error in the subject of…


Custom Report Items not supported in SQL Express & Workgroup Editions

Saw an interesting conversation today around custom report items in SSRS. The information isn’t a huge surprise, but at the same time is not documented in books online, either: Custom report items will only work inside Standard | Developer | Enterprise editions of SQL Server 2005.