Saving SQL Server Reporting Services Reports inside MOSS

I spent this week  "beta testing" a BI class that will soon be made available Microsoft partners and those who want to develop on our platform. I was quite impressed by the material and instructors -- If you hear about and/or have the opportunity to attend "BI Voyage", make sure you go. It contained great 200-300 level info on the SQL Server BI platform, Excel 2007, Proclarity, and more. Defintely worth 4 days of your life.

Anyway, we played around with SSRS and MOSS integration more, and I saw one thing that made no sense to me -- When you create a SSRS data source to be stored in MOSS, it actually gets saved in the Report Library, not with the collection of Office Data Connections (ODCs). This seems weird to me -- I'd prefer to see all "connection strings" stored in one place, regardless of whether they are ODC's for Excel or Data Sources for SSRS. You end up seeing a colletion of Excel Reports (makes sense), SSRS reports (makes sense), and SSRS data sources (odd man out!) in the same place.

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