Modifying label and tooltip text in the SQL Server Report Viewer controls (and a localization workaround!)

A while ago, I wrote a bit about how to localize the Report Viewer controls. You can find that information here:

However, what if you don’t like the localized text that we provide in ReportViewerLP.exe? Or, to take things one step further, what if you want to change the text that we display in the us-en control?

You can easily override any of this stuff to provide your OWN message text by leaning on the IReportViewerMessages interface. Using this puppy, you can replace nearly all of the various text strings (including tool tips!) that get displayed by the control.

Check this great sample out – Pretty much a “copy and paste” implementation J

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  1. lokmanoglu says:

    is there any sample application,

    I could not implement web.config file


    <add key="ReportViewerMessages" value="MyClass, MyAssembly" />


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