SSL and SQL Reporting Services 2005

While setting up a Report Server to run with SSL, one of my customers repeatedly got the following error message:

"The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship with
remote server

The interesting thing was that the /Reports folder worked fine, it was just /ReportServer that threw the exception above.

We followed the standard SSL/SSRS troubleshooting steps:

In rsReportServer.Config:

In rsWebApplication.config:

Still, no joy...finally, we checked the cert associated with our Vdirs, and saw that it was created for versus Since we were just testing, we regenerated the cert to reflect and we were good to go.

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  1. Chris Wright says:

    I had the same problem using SelfSSL on a Win2K3 machine and could not figure out what the issue was for a long time. Finally I noticed that my certificate was in the Personal folder and not the Trusted Certificates folder. There was one in there but it did not have the same name.

    Long story short, you have to make sure your certificate is in the Trusted folder and Personal Folder using MMC and they have to be the same certificate with the same name.

  2. Garry Trinder says:

    Hi Russel. I have a similar issue, but it is the /Reports folder the one that does not work fine. The /ReportServer folder works perfect. I can enter the /Reports folder, and can list all the reports. But, when I select one of the reports, and it starts rendering, I get the error message:

    "The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel.

    The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure."

    I access the report server from Internet, but the server is not exposed directly to the internet. It is behind a firewall.

    Do you have any clue of how to fix this?



  3. Nate says:


    Similar to Julio, I also have the ReportServer folder working fine, but the Reports folder is giving me the: "The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel." error.  However, I get it as soon as I try to bring up the page, I am not able to see the list as Julio describes.

    Also, if I update rsWebApplication.config to include the fqdn assigned to the certificate, I get a configuration error.

    Finally, I have copied my certificate from the Personal Folder to the trusted folder.

    Still no dice.

    Hmmm… ??? Any ideas?

  4. Kele says:

    Thanks Russell, our issue was that someone changed the rsWebApplication.config file and missed out the S for https, your notes pointed that out.

    We are now up and running after 2 days outage.


  5. steve morris says:

    we are getting the error message on accessing the reports VD. We have applied a locally genrated cert (simply called TAURUS08 – which happens to be the machine name also ) and applied it through iis to the relevant web site.  We have set the SSL requirement in the config manager with level 3 and cert name of Taurus08  (on applying this gets changed to the web sites ip address !?). We have set the value of UrlRoot   to in reportserver.config

    We have set <ReportServerUrl></ReportServerUrl> in RSWebApplication.config.

    Have we missed anything? Any ideas why we still get the error message?

    cheers steve

  6. ikhwan says:

    anybody managed to get the SSL working on SQL SRS 2005? i’m having a tough one on the Reports


    but the reportserver link is ok..

  7. Nelson André says:

    I’m capable of acessing all Reporting Server sites from the RS machine using https://localhost/… but not using the Machine Name neither using the FQDN as it’s configured in the RS Conf tool.

    Any ideas?

  8. gced says:

    For me my customer can cannect to my SQL Reporting database with SSL portal and can export data in .pdf, but it doesn’t work with an Excel or Word report.

    Any ideas ?


  9. dw says:

    @gced – In IE, try going into Tools, Options… Advanced tab, and under Security, and make sure "Do not save encrypted pages to disk" is NOT checked.

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