Browsing Reporting Services 2005 Reports without IE for Windows

In 2005, there is limited report browsing support for non IE 6 SP1 browsers (IE 6 SP1 with scripting enabled, that is)

This info will be fully documented at some point in the future, but in the meantime here are some general nuggets (BTW, none of this info is official and could change at any time):

  • If you want to run Report manager, you have to be in IE 6 SP1 with scripting enabled...period
  • Browsing *directly* to a report (without clicking through Report Manager) will allow you to get some use out of Netscape 7.2, Mozilla 1.7, Firefox 1.0.3, Safari 1.3 and's what you LOSE:

No Document Maps
No Report Search or Zooming
No Fixed Table Headers

In addition, Safari also doesn't support:

Parameter (calendar) "date picker"
Displaying remote images in a report
Client-side printing (the little printer button on the HTML Toolbar)
Report Builder

  • If you are on a Mac, don't bother with IE's not supported at all - Use Safari.

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