A couple of post IDW15 changes when building Report Builder Models in SQL Server Reporting Services 2005

While playing around with newer builds of Yukon, I noticed two changes from IDW15/CTP15 when it comes to building models:

  • (Thanks to Carolyn Chau!) Up until IDW15/CTP15, you used the IdentifyingAttributes property of an entity to specify which fields/attributes would automatically get added to the design surface when you dragged the entity itself into the designer. This property has changed to DefaultDetailAttributes, which I think is more descriptive.


  • When you generate a model, we automatically create field variations for you: For example, if you have a Sales (decimal) column in your datasource view...The model you get will automatically have variations like "Sum Sales", "Min Sales", "Max Sales", and "Average Sales" included....some time after IDW15 hit, the "naming convention" has changed...so all of your field variations which used to be called "Sum <SomeAttributeName>" will now be named "Total <SomeAttributeName>"..no big deal, but it threw me when I saw it...


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