Automatically refreshing your SQL Reporting Services reports with the AutoRefresh element

If want your report to auto refresh every x seconds inside IE, take a look at the AutoRefresh RDL element: <AutoRefresh> is a child of <Report> and a peer or the <Body> element in your document. For example, if you want your report to autorefresh every 15 seconds, you'd add the AutoRefresh element to the RDL in your report like so:








...Thanks toMike Schetterer

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  1. Denis says:

    I’m using a link from other web site to my report, which is saved with autorefresh element. The link has a form of:


    (plain and simple)

    When i follow this link the report renders in IE and re-freshes number of seconds requested, however data on it stays the same all the time (cached?). If I press "refresh" button on report toolbar at this point – after that it starts showing new data each time it re-freshes.

    What could be wrong?

    Any suggestion appreciated.

  2. You’re running into some session-based caching that is baked into the product. Try adding rs:ClearSession=true to the end of your string and see if that helps.

  3. Bert Van Kets says:

    I would like to be able to switch the auto refresh function OFF with a button/select/whatever on the report itself. Is there any way to do this. I have searched everywhere.

  4. Nope…This is directly in the RDL, so there’s no way to really change it. Sorry.

  5. Shannon says:


  6. Luc Morin says:

    I’m trying to implement this solution for a report accessible through the Report Manager.

    It works fine if one provides URL access to the report, but what if the user simply uses the Report Manager web interface ?

    Is there any way to customize the URL used on Report Manager in order to include the rs:ClearSession=true parameter ?

    Thank You


  7. Will Casey says:

    The auto refresh is great but if I have groups open they close on the refresh is there anyway to have the sheet remain as it is visually?

    For example one group open and all the others collapsed.


  8. Mike Chaliy says:

    Exactly the same issue like Will Casey have.

  9. John Coner says:

    Thank you so much.

    It’s working

  10. jane says:

    Why not using the AutoRefresh property under Report?

  11. Sanjay Nipane says:

    Hello, I am using ReportViewer control with ASp.NET 2.0. I want to set refresh interval programmatically as I want to make it configurable. I can set auto-refresh at design-time but run-time doesn’t provide any properties. Any suggestions?

  12. Dean says:

    Hi Mike very useful.

    I have designed a report like a Web Page and I have used this as a Dashboard. To show the status of the data in the system.



  13. Surendra says:

    i am having the issue with auto refresh . i have a report with 3 datasets and First 2 returns Latest Date and Latest Time of the Cube and 3rd one Returns latest KPI values of that Date and Time . we have set auto refresh property for every 1 min but  we are not getting the latest KPI values into the tablix but we have Text box which dispalys latest date and time is showing correctly . when we reenter ( In BIDS Go to Design Tab and Come back Preview tab  and in Repoting server Refresh the IE ) the report then only we are able to see the latest KPI values in tablex . How resolve this issue , how can we get the latest data with Autorefresh only .

  14. christian_bahnsen says:

    Thanks.  This a great property to know about.

  15. sarojan says:

    Thank you…It resolved my session time out issue.

  16. Lora Pennington says:

    I am new to reporting services in 2008.  I have created a report and it is working. However, I can't get the data to refresh.  I only have 1 dataset to a database table. What am I doing wrong that it won't refresh ?  Thank You

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