A new Tableau-focused blog: Tableau Love

Hanging up my blue badge and moving to Tableau Software.  You can read about my adventures at the company and with the product at Tableau Love


Russell Christopher’s two websites

My Personal site is here http://russellchristopher.me The Business Intelligence site for Russell Christopher is here: http://performancepointblog.com


Packing up and moving to performancepointblog.com

I had $140 burning a hole in my pocket and saw a great domain name was available, so I’ve purchased 2 years of hosting for the next incarnation of this blog – performancepointblog.com. The content will be similar to what you’ve seen here, but with a heavier emphasis on PPS (I have no choice with…


Language Packs and the PerformancePoint add-in for Excel

Here’s an interesting behavior I saw being discussed that you may run into when launching the PPS add-in for Excel when you have (or not) language packs installed: The PerformancePoint Add-in for Excel could not be loaded. The language pack for the configured language could not be found. Please install the multilingual user interface pack…


Problems making web reference to ReportService2006: Unable to import operation "SetReportHistoryOptions"

Today I needed to write a bit of code to create a model on a SQL 2005 Report server which was running in Sharepoint integrated mode. Boy, what fun I had!  After creating my web reference, I got this error: Custom tool error: Unable to import WebService/Schema. Unable to import binding ‘ReportingService2006Soap’ from namespace ‘http://schemas.microsoft.com/sqlserver/2006/03/15/reporting/reportingservices’….


SQL Analysis Services error processing ROLAP partitions against Teradata

Today I was playing around with stacking SSAS on top of Teradata. Essentially I have AdventureWorks DW moved over into Teradata and I’m trying to build a dumbed-down version of the AdventureWorks cube against it. Things went fairly well while my partitions were MOLAP. But when I started changing some of them to ROLAP, SSAS…