Little-known history of “Cloud Computing”

While a consultant to AT&T in the early 80s I worked on a project to build a “cloud” computing facility called Net1000. Net1000 was to run in AT&T data centers across the entire AT&T network and provide compute power, storage and networking at the “wall plug”. (See this book excerpt.)   It was to be based…


Did you miss PDC?

At the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC) we announced a whole bunch of technologies that may just change the way we do development in the future.  With major announcements around Cloud Services (Azure), and Windows 7 as well as other new technologies it is a shame if you missed it. Not to worry though, we…


New York, New Jersey and Connecticut Clouds

Continuing our coverage of Microsoft Cloud Services and related topics.  If you are located in the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut area you may be interested in this.  Peter Laudati and I are holding a series of free events that will be focusing on Microsoft Cloud Services and Silverlight. We hope that we will see you there….


Closing in on the Cloud

I can’t tell you how glad I am that PDC is finally approaching.  When it come to Microsoft’s Cloud Services I feel like I have pair of Vice Grips firmly attached to my tongue.  :-)  I realize the need for secrecy so as not to spoil the surprise, but be prepared for my tongue to…


Learn More about "The Cloud" at PDC2008

In case you haven’t been to the PDC site recently we just announced two symposia that are are included in PDC2008. The following one might be of interest to you. 🙂 Symposium Title: Head in the Cloud, Feet on the Ground – A Practical Look at Architectural Challenges and Opportunities with Identity, Management, Data and…


Looks like the Clouds are opening up!

Technorati Tags: Cloud,Cloud Services A few days ago I told you about all the great sessions on Cloud Services that are scheduled for PDC.  We just added a bunch more.  There are now 27 sessions listed under that category.  Sorry to nag, but If you are at all interested in what is happening “in the…


Turning our Attention to the Cloud

As a new blogger I have jumped around a bit in the topics that I have ben covering recently. In the future I intend to focus more on one topic area: Microsoft Cloud Services.  Our Cloud Services story has been exposed a bit in the various cloud based Software+ Services (S+S) offerings that we have…


What is happening at Microsoft?

I don’t ordinarily just copy stuff that someone else sends me into my blog, but this is an exception.  If you have trouble keeping up to date on everything that is happening at Microsoft with all the various products and technologies then Microsoft blogs are great for this, but finding the right blogs to subscribe…


Not your Grandmother’s Service Pack!

Last week I told you about how we recorded a presentation by Shanku Niyogi, Microsoft Product Unit Manager for the .NET Framework on the subject of Visual Studio 2008/.NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1. In truth this is a lot more than a typical Service Pack since it rolls up and includes a lot of…


Visual Studio 2008/.NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1

In addition to working for Microsoft as an Architect Evangelist and running the local chapter of the International Association of Software Architects I am also one of the founders and current leaders of the New York City .NET Developers Group.   Last night we arranged for a special user group meeting to be streamed live to…