Windows Phone 7 – Starting the Fire!

Do you have a great idea for an app to run on Microsoft’s new mobile phone, Windows Phone 7?


Do you have an app running on another platform such as iPhone or Android and want to greatly increase the reach and profitability of your app? We can help.

All over the country Microsoft is running a series of Windows Phone 7 Firestarter and Windows Phone 7 Garage events. (See below.) If you even have an idea for an app I recommend this event highly.

In addition to the presentations on developing apps with Windows Phone 7 and the Garage where you can load your own app on a test phone we have also created an “Ignition” lab to help you architect your application.  

This is a concurrent series of one-on-one mini-architecture design sessions of an hour or so where you can sit down with a Microsoft Architect and talk about the design of your application and how we can help you get it to market.  Our team of mobile, database, services, and cloud experts will help make your application ready for our for the best phone platform on the planet. 

Please sign up for our lab and we will follow up with a time slot just for you. When registering, please reference RSVP code ADS.

Because of the large number of developers creating apps for the Windows Phone we expect these architecture design sessions to fill up quickly. So, in addition to registering for the event using the code above we also ask you answer a few preliminary questions for us via email to

1)      Brief Description of the Windows Phone 7 Application you want to discuss at the Architecture Design Session:

2)      Do you have a version of this application on another mobile platform? If so, which one(s)?

3)      # of Existing (Production) Mobile Applications that your company has developed.

4)      Expected timeframe to release Application

5)      If you would like to opt in for communication from your local Microsoft Architect Evangelist: YES    ____NO  ____.


Warning:  In some cities demand has been so great that the event is already sold out.  If you try to register and find that to be the case please send email to and we will place you on the waiting list.  And if you are more interested in an Architecture Design Session please let us know and we will try to schedule one at a different time and date.

To register, select a city:   
    Chevy Chase


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