Windows Azure Design Patterns


One of the challenges in adopting a new platform is finding usable design patterns that work for developing effective solutions. The Catch-22 is that design patterns are discovered and not invented. Nevertheless it is important to have some guidance on what design patterns make sense early in the game.

Most presentations about Windows Azure start by presenting you with a bewildering set of features offered by Windows Azure, Windows Azure AppFabric and SQL Azure. Although these groupings of features may have been developed by different groups within Microsoft and spliced together, as architects we are more interested in solving business problems that can be solved by utilizing these features where they are appropriate

I recently did a Webcast that took another more solution-centric approach.  It presented a set of application scenario contexts, Azure features and solution examples. It is unique in its approach and the fact that it includes the use of features from all components of the Windows Azure Platform including the Windows Azure Operating System, Windows Azure AppFabric and SQL Azure.

In the webcast you will learn about the components of the Windows Azure Platform that can be used to solve specific business problems.

The recording can be downloaded from here.

There were also a number of comments and questions about the material that I will add to this post in the next few days.  Stay Tuned. 🙂



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  1. Antonio says:

    Hi, could you post a bigger version of that slide?

    Also, I like the approach you are taking because it helps me think of cloud from the perspective of an approach to a solution, instead of trying to get said perspective from a sales pitch.


  2. pras says:

    The link 'here' does not seem to work… no webcast, one downcast

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