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I am part of a team that is putting on a series of architecture webcasts this month. Please tune in.smile_regular


March 25, 2010 at 1:00pm – 2:00pm EST
Title:  Extending Your Sites Reach with IE8 Add On Features

Abstract Today's users are getting more sophisticated and they expect more features from the sites and services they use. In this session learn about how to implement low effort, high value add-ons for IE8 that expand your sites reach and bring value to your customer base .

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Jim Cirone
Architect Evangelist, Microsoft

March 26, 2010 at 1:00pm – 2:00pm EST
Title:  Windows Azure Design Patterns


Abstract:  One of the challenges in adopting a new platform is finding usable design patterns that work for developing effective solutions. The Catch-22 is that design patterns are discovered and not invented. Nevertheless it is important to have some guidance on what design patterns make sense early in the game.

This webcast attacks the problem through a set of application scenario contexts, Windows Azure Platform features and solution examples. It is unique in its approach and the fact that it includes the use of features from all components of the Windows Azure Platform including the Windows Azure Operating System, Windows Azure AppFabric and SQL Azure. In this webcast you will learn about the components of the Windows Azure Platform that can be used to solve specific business problems.

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Presenter: Bill Zack
Architect Evangelist, Microsoft

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Comments (6)

  1. Trees says:

    Nice one. Any chance these will be available for offline viewing afterwards for international viewers?

  2. Wzack says:

    Yes. The sessions will be recorded for later viewing. Since they will be in LiveMeeting format they should be downloadable.

  3. bally says:

    Hi Bill,

    Great Webcast :Windows Azure Design Patterns

    Had a follow up question.

    What is the Best way for scaling out of a Media (Chat/Video/CDN/Images ) heavy site on Windows Azure? Is there any limitation on how much Video/media related load can each standard Azure Instance handle in terms of multi user connection to the same content. This will be on a multi-tenancy pattern where media will be stored on Windows Azure Blob. Since Azure does not natively support Auto-scaling how can I change config file based on load via Azure API ?


    I have a video that needs to be served to say 1000 users (Max.) at the same time?  What is the best way to store and server this kind of data keeping load balancing and scalability in mind.


  4. Badarinatha says:

    Can you please provide the url for recorded webcast.



  5. Binoj Antony says:

    I am unable to find the recording of the webcast, please  direct me to the link..

  6. Wzack says:

    The IE 8 link is:

    The Patterns link is at the end of my blog post:



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