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Continuing our coverage of Microsoft Cloud Services and related topics.  If you are located in the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut area you may be interested in this.  Peter Laudati and I are holding a series of free events that will be focusing on Microsoft Cloud Services and Silverlight. We hope that we will see you there.


Microsoft invites you to attend:                                

MSDN Suburban Roadshow

Session 1: Cloud Computing

Hear about key problems that cloud computing is solving and how these services fit into the Microsoft cloud computing initiatives. Learn about the pillars of the platform, its service lifecycle, and see how they fit with both Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies.  See what a Day in the Life of a Cloud Service Developer is like.  This session explores common tasks for service developers. These tasks include logging, debugging, deployment, management, and maintenance of individual cloud-based services.

Session 2: Silverlight 2 Application Development

You’ve probably been hearing about Silverlight for a while now. And for most of that time, it’s had the “beta” label after it. When something has the “beta” label appended to it, it’s easy to shrug it off and say “I’ll worry about that later when it’s ‘real’.”  Well, the “beta” label has been shed!  Silverlight 2, with its .NET Framework programming model, is here now and it’s real!  On October 14th, Microsoft officially released Silverlight 2. 

Now it’s time for you to get ready to build next generation rich Internet applications with Silverlight!  In this session, we’ll quickly review what the Silverlight 2 platform is, and then move into the bits and bytes.  Some of the questions you might be having are: What are the tools I need to get going? What is this stuff called XAML?    Hello world?  Forget “Hello World”… I want to see a real application with controls and data binding!  How do I talk back to the server to interact with services in the cloud?   

We’ll be covering the answers to all of these questions.  So don’t miss the MSDN Suburban Roadshow with Bill & Peter!


Register NOW!!!

REGISTER STAMORD, CT 11/10/2008, 12pm-4pm, Connecticut Information Technology Institute University of Connecticut
School of Business 1 University Place Stamford Connecticut 06901

REGISTER PARSIPPANY, NJ 11/13/2008, 1pm-5pm, SetFocus Headquarters,
4 Century Drive
Parsippany New Jersey 07054
United States

REGISTER NEW YORK, NY 12/5/2008, 1pm-5pm, Microsoft Offices, 1290 Avenue of the Americas - 6th floor
New York New York 10104

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