SQL Server Management Studio Tips – Part 4

This is the fourth in a series of posts highlighting Scott Cate’s video series of Visual Studio tricks over the last few months from Sara Ford’s blog.

As I mentioned in Part 1, many of the commands are documented in the  SQL Server 2008 help topic – SQL Server Management Studio Keyboard Shortcuts.

Blog Post Comments
#57 [Ctrl]+[J] invokes statement completion This works best when using aliases.
#59 Resize the Statement Completion Window A handy way to see more items where vertical size is persisted.
#61 Presenters Must Read .. Increase the Editor Tooltip Font Size This is something that I already have in my demo environment. It’s useful for people with old eyes as well.
#62 Display parameter info for a function Using [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[SPACE] is very handy if you missed the parameter info the first time.
#64 Keyboard Shortcut to Display Quick Info Tooltip In SSMS, the command is a little different. You need to use [CTRL]+[K], [CTRL]+[I]
#65 Edit.WordComplete via Intellisense This is handy typing in column names without having to display the drop down list.

[CTRL]+[Space] or [ALT]+[RIGHT]

#66 Using Quick find in the Current Document Calls out how you can also dock the Find tool window.
#67 Search in hidden text in the editor Something to remember if you get in the habit of collapsing statements.

That’s all of Scott’s great tips that also apply to SSMS.