SQL Server Agent and Database Mail – Better Together

This post is how to configure SQL Agent to use Database Mail for sending an email to an operator in the event a job fails. I was hoping that there was a single MSDN topic on how to do this, but no such luck. The steps are fairly straight forward, but I managed to get…


Using Live/Hotmail/MSN for SQL Server 2008 Database Mail

Over the weekend, I was playing around with trying to use my hotmail email account for SQL Server 2008 Database Mail. After searching, I found a promising post on the MSDN Forum under SQL Tools. In the forum posted, it was suggested that you need to use a premium account – this is not true….


Database Manager for IIS 7 RC Preview

I recently had a chance to preview the Release Candidate of Database Manager 1.0 for IIS7. If you are looking for a very lightweight tool that is easy to install for doing basic operations against SQL Server used by your IIS applications, this tool is just for you. It’s much smaller than SQL Server 2008…