Windows Azure

从北京TechED 2010回来已经快一个月了,一直想开始写一些针对云计算和Windows Azure的东西。主要是这次TechED之行感触很多,特别是国内对云计算技术的热衷。同时我又发现关于云计算的资料少之又少,关于Windows Azure学习资料就更是寥寥无几了。所以我想在我的博客中开始写关于云计算的东西。该博客 1. 面向国内用户 (所以我用中文了 🙂 ) 2. 专注于Windows Azure 技术,因为我在这个组工作 :)。 这次中国之旅非常匆忙。共做了5次演讲: 外包公司两次,北京TechED 2010 两次,上海第二届.NET 技术大会一次. 最后嗓子很痛。在老家和爸妈就呆了一天。看来做讲师也不是容易。 在北京TechED 2010演讲的连接: 在上海第二届.NET 技术大会演讲的连接:        

Fault Injection to Web application or Windows service

I have been busy since this march when i moved to Azure team. since then, a newer version of TestAPI (v0.5) was released. we take a few bugs fix in this release. one of them is .net 4.0 compatible. in my previous post, i mentioned that you need to set the enviornment varible for .net 4.0 application….


if it still not working

if you’re sure that you followed exact steps in my previous blogs, but it seems the tool still not working. there are a few known issues that you can check to see if it’s your case: 1. .NET 4.0     the current version (TestAPI 0.4) does NOT work on .net 4.0 platform. so if you install…


Fault Injection For Managed Code

Introduction  As part of software testing, we often want to know how the software behaves under failure conditions and to know whether the software system correctly handles error conditions, such as low memory, loss of network connectivity or dependent components unavailable, etc… This actually particularly important for managed code of which big parts are to handle exception. However, this…



Hi, Welcome to my blog! My name is Biao (Bill) Liu. I’m a Software Design Engineer in Test in Microsoft. I own the Managed Fault Injection Tool released as part of TestAPI in codeplex ( So, I will mainly blog on this tool. I just transferred to a new team working on Windows Azure Technology, so I…