How do I create bug fixes for EVERY version of a product EVER released

A customer asks the following question: “We are building factory machine. New machines are usually delivered with the current stable software version. We don’t do regular updates because our customers prefer stability over new features. After reading the Rangers Branching Guide I have some questions. I understand the need for the main and the development…

Parallel Feature Teams working on multiple releases in development. Monthly releases to production.

I recently received a question from a customer who is dealing with the need to support multiple feature teams working on multiple releases in development. They asked how to structure branching to support this environment. Background: My company is, for all practical purposes, a dot com. We have a single production website used by all…


Branching for Agile Development

I was recently asked a question based on the following presentation from Google: How Google Speeds Up The Chrome Release Cycle (Slideshow) The main part of the article that interests me is the following: "Anthony LaForge, the technical program manager at Google overseeing Chrome development, created this presentation to explain how Chrome’s development cycles work….


Basic Branch Plan–Where to fix a bug in my release?

Question from Customer: In the single team branch, once a release is done and if a bug is reported are we supposed to fix the bug in the Main branch and forward integrate back to the DEV branch Response: Separating Development from Release, bug fixing a shipped release is a Release question, not a question…

Question on the Basic Branching Model

Question from customer: “I am very new to this branching  concept and try to understand.  I am not able understand the difference between the Single release vs. single team branching. Can someone help in knowing the difference.” Response: I like to think of branching for development separately from branching for release. The Main branch is…

Microsoft Software Updates Terminology

Description of the standard terminology that is used to describe Microsoft software updates: Technorati Tags: Software Update,Microsoft,Glossary