When would I use a Branch for Developer Scenario?

Question: Any opinion on branch per developer approach? This is the first time I have come across it someplace and feel that there’s just no reason too. I’ve been through the branching guidance and even use your article in MSDN magazine from earlier this year as reference. The development teams are offshore and not always…


VS ALM Rangers Branching Guidance–Shared Code and Dependency Management

As we begin planning the next release of the branching guidance, a top priority is to address how to manage shared code dependencies (the Dependency Repository / Shared Code issue). The newly release Build Customization Guide (now available for download from Codeplex) begins to address this issue, primarily from a build perspective. For the Branching…


How do I create bug fixes for EVERY version of a product EVER released

A customer asks the following question: “We are building factory machine. New machines are usually delivered with the current stable software version. We don’t do regular updates because our customers prefer stability over new features. After reading the Rangers Branching Guide I have some questions. I understand the need for the main and the development…


Branching for Scrum

This article presents a perspective on Source Control Management (SCM) using Team Foundation Server (TFS) with Scrum projects. Although I start with a short overview of Scrum to lay the foundation for the concepts, the essence of this article is to present TFS Branching Concepts for Scrum projects, large and small. This article is an…


Parallel Feature Teams working on multiple releases in development. Monthly releases to production.

I recently received a question from a customer who is dealing with the need to support multiple feature teams working on multiple releases in development. They asked how to structure branching to support this environment. Background: My company is, for all practical purposes, a dot com. We have a single production website used by all…


Why I caution against Cherry Picking (changeset-based merging)

  Recently I was asked a question: “If you discourage changeset-based (or cherry-picking) merging, then why does TFS support it?  To me it feels like TFS is not fully supporting it because the merge engine isn’t robust enough yet to support it, yet they know the feature is important.  To me it seems like an…


Spanish version of Rangers Branching Guidance 2010–released

In October, the VS ALM Rangers posted the Branching Guidance – Spanish version  thanks to Francisco Fagas, a VS ALM MVP. Francisco also translated the Visual Studio 2010 Quick Reference Guidance – Spanish version).


VS 2010 Visualizing Branches

VS 2010 Beta1 does an amazing job visualizing branch hierarchies and tracking changesets. Here is the Mature Branch Plan Hierarchy: Here is the view from Source Control Explorer, showing the arrangements of folders and branches.  Now that branches are first-class objects in TFS 2010 it is easy to distinguish them from folders:   Now you…


VSTS 2010 TFS Branches and Folders

As many of you know, Branches are now a first-class object in TFS 2010. In Source Control Explorer, it is now very easy to visualize the difference between a branch and a folder. Folders are now used exclusively as containers of branches, files, and other folders. The MatureSourceTree example below shows how TFS 2010 represents…