VS 2010 Visualizing Branches

VS 2010 Beta1 does an amazing job visualizing branch hierarchies and tracking changesets. Here is the Mature Branch Plan Hierarchy: Here is the view from Source Control Explorer, showing the arrangements of folders and branches.  Now that branches are first-class objects in TFS 2010 it is easy to distinguish them from folders:   Now you…


VSTS 2010 TFS Branches and Folders

As many of you know, Branches are now a first-class object in TFS 2010. In Source Control Explorer, it is now very easy to visualize the difference between a branch and a folder. Folders are now used exclusively as containers of branches, files, and other folders. The MatureSourceTree example below shows how TFS 2010 represents…


Choosing the Right Source Control Branching and Merging Strategy

A key message the VSTS Rangers are trying to communicate in the VSTS Rangers Branching Guide 2.0 (http://tfsbranchingguideii.codeplex.com/) is that different companies have different needs and requirements for parallel development or release support (servicing). This is why we presented a progression of branching plans, starting with the basic plan, followed by the standard and advanced…


New MSDN Site for VSTS Rangers

Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) Rangers Team System Rangers deliver out of band solutions for missing features and guidance in the Team System suite of products. Checkout our new site: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/teamsystem/ee358786.aspx


Branching Guidance – Branching for Development

I recently had a series of email exchanges with a person who was trying to advise his customer on a branching plan. As part of this exchange I offered the following discussion on Branching for Development. I often like to separate the discussion of the development branch plan and the release branch plan. If you…


VSTS Ranger Branching Guidance – Question on Automated Merges

Question: “I recognise the need to FI from MAIN to each DEV/CR branch on a regular basis, is there a way to automate this to run on check-in or every night perhanps? I’ve looked into this and keep reading about CI – but I can’t find any practical demonstrations of how this might be achieved.”…


VSTS Ranger Branching Guidance – A Question on Separate Branches for each Change Request

Question from TFS Branching Guide 2.0 on Codeplex: “I am creating a new branch for each ‘Change Request’ that comes from the client – I love the idea of isolating the code this way. Do I have to create a new build definition for each, or am I missing something really straight forward? It seems…


Mature Branching Plan – Branching for Feature Development

Within a Team Project, everything starts with the MAIN branch. This is a consistent theme with all our guidance (http://tfsbranchingguideii.codeplex.com/). The question becomes, when do you need to create one or more branches for development? My answer would be that one goal of a good branch plan is to have the code in MAIN be…


Mature Branching Plan – A Question on Branch Hierarchy

Question: I have a request from a customer regarding the Branching/Merging Model in TFS 2010. The customer has the following branch model: Main->Rel. A -> Rel. B ->Rel. C -> Rel. D. Today (TFS 2008) it is practical impossible to Merge D->Main without going through back to C,B,A with the change sets. The /baseless merge…


Source Access by Branch and Role using Team Foundation Server

Technorati Tags: TFS,Role Security,Branching,Version Control From Jampick Regardless of which branch pattern you are using from the branching guide you should have some form of dev/main/release.  Below some tips you can use to secure these branches that balance security and developer productivity and also cover vendor access scenarios too.  Feel free to adjust as needed…