What is a Cherry Pick Merge, and why do you recommend against them?

When you merge in TFS 2010, you have two choices: Merge all changes up to a specified version, which can be one of the following: Latest Version Date Label Changeset Workspace Version Or, merge Selected Changesets, where you select one or more changesets from a list of changesets that are in the source branch and…


Branching–Sprint is Done, Some Features Are Not

Download the latest VS ALM Rangers Branching Guidance Here: http://tfsbranchingguideiii.codeplex.com/  Background – I keep getting this question: I have a quick question for you on branching in Scrum and feature management.  My client is using Scrum and if we look at the branching structure all sprints branch off of main.  I noticed in your blog…

Branching for Scrum

This article presents a perspective on Source Control Management (SCM) using Team Foundation Server (TFS) with Scrum projects. Although I start with a short overview of Scrum to lay the foundation for the concepts, the essence of this article is to present TFS Branching Concepts for Scrum projects, large and small. This article is an…


Parallel Feature Teams working on multiple releases in development. Monthly releases to production.

I recently received a question from a customer who is dealing with the need to support multiple feature teams working on multiple releases in development. They asked how to structure branching to support this environment. Background: My company is, for all practical purposes, a dot com. We have a single production website used by all…


Branching for Agile Development

I was recently asked a question based on the following presentation from Google: How Google Speeds Up The Chrome Release Cycle (Slideshow) The main part of the article that interests me is the following: "Anthony LaForge, the technical program manager at Google overseeing Chrome development, created this presentation to explain how Chrome’s development cycles work….


New article on Ranger’s Branching in upcoming MSDN Magazine.

After a few years hiatus, i am returning to the world of *published author*. My next article will be published in the February 2011 issue of MSDN Magazine (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/default.aspx ) The topic will be *Visual Studio ALM Rangers Branching Guidance for Team Foundation Server (TFS) Team Projects*. My co-author is Willy-Peter Schaub, also on the…