Basic Branch Plan–Where to fix a bug in my release?

Question from Customer: In the single team branch, once a release is done and if a bug is reported are we supposed to fix the bug in the Main branch and forward integrate back to the DEV branch Response: Separating Development from Release, bug fixing a shipped release is a Release question, not a question…


Question on the Basic Branching Model

Question from customer: “I am very new to this branching  concept and try to understand.  I am not able understand the difference between the Single release vs. single team branching. Can someone help in knowing the difference.” Response: I like to think of branching for development separately from branching for release. The Main branch is…


Nested Branch Issue following upgrade from TFS 2008 to TFS 2010

One of my customers upgraded a Team Project from TFS 2008 to TFS 2010. As you probably know, the concept of first-class branches was introduced for the first time in TFS 2010. Along with this, there is a new restriction against having nested branches in TFS 2010. During the upgrade process, TFS attempts to determine…


Why I caution against Cherry Picking (changeset-based merging)

  Recently I was asked a question: “If you discourage changeset-based (or cherry-picking) merging, then why does TFS support it?  To me it feels like TFS is not fully supporting it because the merge engine isn’t robust enough yet to support it, yet they know the feature is important.  To me it seems like an…


Spanish version of Rangers Branching Guidance 2010–released

In October, the VS ALM Rangers posted the Branching Guidance – Spanish version  thanks to Francisco Fagas, a VS ALM MVP. Francisco also translated the Visual Studio 2010 Quick Reference Guidance – Spanish version).