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Thoughts on building SQL Server Data Tools

Whitehorse Architecture TechNotes Published on MSDN

Phew!  A set of Visual Studio Team System Tech Notes have now been published on MSDN, including some fifteen new articles I’ve written on topics related to the Whitehorse architecture tools.  These should all be easy to read and are inter-linked, to make them an easy to browse.  Hopefully they will provide some useful background and some new insights into the… Read more

On shadow applications and agile development

Randy Miller has published a paper on agile development that discusses the use of ‘shadow’ applications in an agile modeling and development context, in which he talks in somewhat veiled terms about the use of the Whitehorse design tools.  The term shadow application emerged from discussions Randy and I had at Tech Ed earlier this year… Read more

Understanding SDM: Systems and the Four Layer Model

The Whitehorse Distributed System Designers are based on SDM – the System Definition Model.  SDM offers a simple model for representing computer systems that can help in many parts of the design, deployment and management space.  I’ll try over an occasional series of posts to introduce some of the key SDM concepts and how they play… Read more